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Mr. Werner Lupberger started the company in 1966 as a tool and die manufacturer. The name A.M.G. was derived from the first letters of his two daughters, Angelique and Melody, and his wife's name, Greta. 
The company has expanded to a multimillion-rand business, well renowned in all the steel, stainless steel and aluminum industries in South Africa, as well as other steel industries throughout the world. 
Activities undertaken by AMG, are the following :
 Milling, Drilling, Grinding and Turning
 Fabrication, Bending and Cutting
 Sand Blasting
 Testing of Steels
 Quality Control Plan Operations
 Final Assembly
 Quality Inspections
 Quality Assurance and
 Quality Control
AMG also specializes in the following :
A) Manufacturing and supply of items for the steel manufacturing industry
              -    decoiler & recoilers (mandrels)
              -    continuous casting plants
              -    mills & mill housings, mill drive shafts
              -    hot gas ducting
              -    ladles & ladle  transfer carts  
B) Heavy crusher parts
C) Hydro powerstation turbine parts
D) 1.5 - 2m special ball valves.



AMG Engineering, as an organization, are collectively committed to a policy of supplying product to the requirements as supplied by the customer. Furthermore, the product supplied, will also conform to the requirements as stipulated by any other national or international specifications, codes and standards referenced. A discipline will be instilled in all employees of AMG Engineering, to maintain meticulous records to provide evidence of conformity to requirements, and the effective operation of the Quality
Management System.
To meet this end, one of the tools utilized, has been the establishment, documenting and implementation of a Quality Management System, based on the requirements of the ISO 9001 : 2008 international standards.
The requirements and stipulations of the international standard, and of the Quality Management System, is the corporate property of any, and all, employees of AMG Engineering, and the contents, requirements and stipulations of these documents will be implemented, understood and maintained, throughout the entire organization.
Employees of AMG Engineering will be made permanently aware of the importance, and subsequent implications, of meeting customer requirements, and thus ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. We will sincerely accept responsibility for any deviations and errors, and we will be serious in correcting the error, and will act promptly to prevent the same, or similar, incidents from reoccurring.
To maintain our claim to being a market leader, AMG Engineering will, as far as is practical, constantly and routinely, measure customer satisfaction, as a means of validation this claim.
Quality objectives will be established, implemented and co-ordinated within the organization, and it is the responsibility of all the employees of AMG Engineering, to strive to meet these objectives, with the main focus being the continual improvement of the effectiveness of the implemented Quality Management System, as the Quality Management System adds value to the product / service offered by AMG Engineering. Quality Objectives will be reviewed periodically, to ensure that the started objectives remain relevant, and continual improvement is maintained. 
Quality policy of AMG Engineering will also be reviewed periodically, to ensure that is remains continually suitable to the purpose and the vision of the organization, incorporating into the policy, and into the Quality Management System of AMG Engineering, any technological advances achieved in the industry.
Through the use of infrastructure and tools at the disposal of the management team of AMG Engineering, our customers are confidently assured that the products / services on offer, meet the initial and continuing technical and quality assurance requirements of the order or contract, and are within the financial and contractual restraints of the order or contract, and that the product / services will be supplied with the highest possible level of reliability , effectiveness and longevity.